A portable, rapid, and low-cost test method for E.coli detection in water samples known as the Mobile Water Kit (MWK), which can produce results within an hour.

Contamination of water sources with Escherichia coli (E.coli) bacteria is a major problem in several parts of the world, particularly in the developing nations. Current E.coli testing methods take 16-24 hours to produce results with additional time involved in transport of the samples to a laboratory. This causes great delays in implementing treatment strategies thereby subjecting the public to prolonged exposure to contaminated water. In addition to the excessive costs associated with the current test methods, such exposures also cause a great deal of burden on the governments due to increased medical expenses resulting from water-borne illnesses.

Glacierclean Technologies Inc., has developed a rapid and low-cost test method for E.coli detection in water samples known as the Mobile Water Kit (MWK), which can produce results within an hour. Moreover, the kits are portable and can be used at the point of source itself thereby eliminating the need for transport of the water samples. The test kits also allow the user to map the location data with the help of a custom built smart phone application (m-Water), which is then automatically uploaded to a central server. These kits can either be used as an accepted testing method or a pre-screening to provide the surrounding communities with an early warning signal. The test kits would greatly reduce the burden on the water monitoring agencies in terms of both the time and costs.


The Mobile Water Kit (MWK) is a portable, simple and rapid colorimetric E. coli test kit which can provide accurate results within a maximum of one hour.

MWK 1.0: Laboratory Testing Kit

  • A 100 mL syringe is used to collect sample water and it is passed through a 0.45 µm filter, where specific enzymatic substrates are mixed to allow desired reaction on the filter surface.
  • The presence of E. coli will create colour change on the filter surface.
  • Results can then be transmitted using a mobile phone APP.

MWK 2.0: Do-It-Yourself Testing Kit

  • It comprises of a plunger-tube assembly with an in-built filter.
  • The tube contains hydrogel encapsulating the specifically developed colorimetric substrates for E. coli and can facilitate the concentration of bacteria and colorimetric detection in two simple steps.
  • The presence of E. coli will create colour change in the headspace between tube and plunger.

Potential Areas for Application

  • Government testing labs
  • Residential areas
  • Rural communities

Potential Benefits

  • Rapid Test Results (<1 hour)
  • Low Cost
  • Compact, Portable, & Hand Held
  • Easy to Use & Colorimetric
  • Field Deployable


An innovative solution for water treatment. It is potable, made of paper and have non-toxic antimicrobial reagent. It is most environmental friendly sustainable solution for killing E. coli in contaminated water.

Scope for DipTreat

  • Use for rapid water purification in camping trips
  • Use in military operation in remote locations
  • Personal water treatment unit


A low-cost innovative solution for water testing. It is handheld, made of paper and have enzymatic reagents. It works as a litmus paper test for detecting E. coli in contaminated water.

Scope for DipTest

  • Use for checking the quality of water in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and
  • Personal water quality checking device in camping